Conductive ESD Antistatic PS PP PET Sheet

Conductive ESD Antistatic PS PP PET Sheet
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Pulixin(Hongkong) Professionally manufacture / supply / export Conductive ESD Antistatic PS PP PET Sheet all over the world, you can custom your order in size/thickness/color/anti-static/conductive, width(300-1400mm) & thickness(0.18-2mm) are accepted, just send us your size and resistance requirement, we will send you the latest quotation ASAP.

Name:Rigid Conductive ESD Antistatic PS PP PET Sheet
Manufacturer:Pulixin Hongkong
Process:Co-Extrusion Squeeze Out
Width:PP&PS: 300-850mm / PET: 300-1400mm
Packing:Up to 150kg/Roll
Color:Clear / Transparent / Black / White / Customize
Application:Thermoforming Packaging / Transport Tray / Electronic Packaging /Fresh Food Packaging
MOQ:5 Tons

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    Conductive / ESD (electrostatic discharge) materials can reduce static electricity to protect static-sensitive equipment, flammable gases or liquids. Electrostatic discharge materials are usually divided into the following categories according to their characteristics: Anti-static, Conductive, and Dissipative.


    Typical properties OF High impact polystyrene

    MaterialSurface resistance
    Conductive103 to 105Conductive materials have low resistance, so electrons can easily flow through the surface or inside of these materials. The charge will flow to the ground or another conductive object in contact with the material.
    Static dissipation105 to 109Compared with conductive materials, static dissipative materials can make charge flow to the ground or other conductors in a more controlled and slow manner.
    Anti-static109 to 1012Anti-static materials can inhibit friction and electricity generation.


    • High Barrier
    • High Transparency
    • Suitabe for gamma ray sterilization
    • pollution-free
    • Easy Secondary processing
    • Recyclable
    • Stronger impact resistance
    • Food Grade Plastic
    • Good Thermoforming
    • High gloss
    • Eco-friendly
    • Chemical Resistance

    Key Features:

    The product features are as follows: 1, Stable, the surface resistance is in the range of 10 to 10 to 5 Ω (conductive), 10 to 6 to 10 to 9 Ω (anti-static), and it is not affected by the temperature and humidity of the environment. 2, it is transparent and can be processed into a variety of colors. 3, environmental protection, no toner. Thickness: 0.01-1.0mm 4, It has excellent wear resistance, recyclability, good followability during vacuum forming, stable surface resistance, and no gas and volatiles are discharged. 5, It has a strong protective effect on electronic components, and has achieved unprecedented transparency and permanent anti-static effects with advanced technology. Uses as ﹡IC tray ﹡LCD tray ﹡electronic parts tray ﹡FPC tray, etc.

    Applications Of Conductive ESD Antistatic PS PP PET Sheet:

    Antistatic plastic sheets are widely used in the production of wafer cassettes/carriers, electronic products, reticle boxes, wafer combs, fixtures, trays, vacuum suction pens, etc.

    * Hard Disk Manufacturing Today’s hard disk manufacturing industry has precision and sensitive electronic components in the electronics industry, which require clean and continuous ESD protection. This product is used for the packaging, turnover and storage of hard disk heads and other precision components;
    * Semiconductor manufacturing The semiconductor industry has more stringent requirements for cleanliness than ESD protection in the process of handling wafers and disk drive media. As IC circuits continue to shrink, ESD protection is becoming more and more important. This product is used in the turnover and storage of chips and disk drive media;
    * Electronic product assembly packaging Since electronic products are already protected by a lot of ESD before they are assembled and packaged, in general, the requirements for ESD can be slightly reduced, requiring permanent static dissipation performance. This product is used to handle and transport electronic components, circuit boards and other components.

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