Thermoforming PETG Plastic Sheet Roll

Thermoforming PETG Plastic Sheet Roll
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Pulixin(Hongkong) Professionally manufacture / supply / export Thermoforming PETG Plastic Sheet Roll all over the world, you can custom your order in size/thickness/color/anti-static/conductive, width(300-1400mm) & thickness(0.18-2mm) are accepted, just send us your size and resistance requirement, we will send you the latest quotation ASAP.

Name:Rigid Thermoforming PETG Plastic Sheet Roll
Manufacturer:Pulixin Hongkong
Process:Co-Extrusion Squeeze Out
Width:PP&PS: 300-850mm / PET: 300-1400mm
Packing:Up to 150kg/Roll
Color:Clear / Transparent / Black / White / Customize
Application:Thermoforming Packaging / Transport Tray / Electronic Packaging /Fresh Food Packaging
MOQ:5 Tons

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    PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol), also known as GPET, is an amorphous PET resin modified with cyclohexanedimethanol. Its melting point is relatively low, only 180℃~200℃. PETG sheet has the characteristics of APET sheet. At the same time, its biggest feature is outstanding thermoforming performance, easy operation and reliable quality during thermoforming. Compared with APET, PETG does not crystallize at a very high molding temperature. It is suitable for vacuum forming, even able to obtain complex geometric shapes.

    PETG plastic sheet structure

    Typical properties OF PETG SHEET ROLL

    1, PETG is a highly transparent plastic, It has excellent optical properties.
    2, PETG has a wider range of chemical resistance (such as coffee, chocolate, grease, acid, etc.)
    3, It is one of the few environmentally friendly plastic materials so far. After burning, only CO2 and water are left
    4, PETG has extremely high toughness, excellent tensile properties and good impact resistance
    5, Excellent ductility so that PETG will not be damaged in a variety of secondary processing methods
    6, They have excellent printing properties and coating properties

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    Product NameBulk Cheap Blister PETG Plastic Film for Thermoforming
    Material100% virgin PET raw material
    ColorAny color
    CertificateSGS, ROHS, ISO, etc.
    GradeMedical grade, food grade and conductive grade
    ApplicationMainly applied to the packaging of food, medicine, electronics, cosmetics&gifts.
    Our Advantage1.Strict QC team,quality satisfaction rate meets 99%
    2.More than 10 set advanced automated equipments,meet high end quality requirement
    3.Free design service and fast sample lead time in 3 day
    Sample Time1-3 days
    Delivery MethodsOcean shipping ,air transportation, express,land transportation
    Payment TermCredit card ,T/T,L/C,Western Union,Paypal


    • Easy Secondary processing
    • High gloss
    • Nice mechanical properties
    • Food Grade Plastic
    • Chemical Resistance
    • Suitabe for gamma ray sterilization
    • Eco-friendly
    • Printable
    • Good Thermoforming
    • High Barrier
    • pollution-free
    • Stronger impact resistance

    Applications Of Thermoforming PETG Plastic Sheet Roll:

    PETG has glass-like transparency and density close to glass, good gloss, chemical corrosion resistance, impact resistance, and easy processing. Products include perfume bottles and bottle caps, cosmetic bottles and bottle caps, lipstick tubes, cosmetic cases, Deodorant packaging, talcum powder bottles, eyeliner cases, etc.

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